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Welcome to Viridity, a site/fanlisting to half of the Solo twin set from the Star Wars Expanded Universe. This is a site I created about Jacen Solo because he is a very interesting character. From his lame jokes in the Young Jedi Knight series to his unbearable torture in the New Jedi Order and finally to his reign as Darth Caedus, Jacen has always kept a certain attitude about him and has shown an incredible amount of strength. He's a deep, thoughtful character, which is why he deserves a site. Also, he wasn't a super whiny Sith like his grandpappy (just a little whiny), so there's that too.

Version 13: This layout was made to celebrate the 10th(!) annniversary of the site! The brushes used on this layout are from here! And hopefully tools will stop stealing the graphics from here and calling them their own. *eyes the toolbags who keep stealing site graphics and saying they made them themselves :|*

NOTE: This is site is full of SPOILERS!

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{ August 27, 2012 } -- New layout to celebrate ten years of being online! Check out the new costume photos, fanart, sketchcards in the gallery and all the other new stuff sprinkled around the site!