why jacen? . . .

I decided to make a site to Jacen because he deserves one. He's an interesting character--- deep thinker. I really like his standpoint on things. And after Traitor, his strength, courage and mental stability is incredible. Not to mention he's adorable beyond belief. XD I mean come on. Han + Leia = very good looking kids. ^_^ Jacen began to intrigue me when he and Jaina would mess stuff up as little kids, then in the YJK books and finally my sister (also known as Mirax XD) told me I'd think he was slick in the NJO. I went into the NJO being a Kyp Durron fan. And as much as I still love Kypsie, Jacen took my #1 spot as my favorite Star Wars characters. And I love his creepiness in The Joiner King... loooooooooooove. <3

Plus, coming into the Legacy books, he's the one character with a totally killer story arc. Haha, I said killer.

This site was born on May 24th, 2002. HUZZAH!