[all from Mirax, to you!!]

Here are some really evil haikus, written by Mirax! Do not take them without asking, or you'll die! ^_^ WARNING: Some of these are REALLY mean and raunchy and such. So don't complain, cause we warned you!


Friend of Anakin
Dumb assed, lame, shitface brat
Shitster, not Kitster

"It doesn't exist!"
Bitchy Jedi wannabe
Jocasta Nu sucks

He's Biggs Darklighter
Stud and friend to Luke and Wedge
Asks "Are you all right?"

Luke's very fucked up
Kisses sister, fights father
Years of therapy

Whiney farmboy Luke
Hangs out at Tosche Station
Aunt and Uncle: toast



Indecisive 'tard
Jacen Solo loves nature
stupid about chicks

Hapan Tenel Ka
One-armed but not disabled
Can kick your ass? Fact.

Crackhead bird Vergere
You ask only one question
Plain? Extra Crispy?

Raynar thinks he's cool
Has lightsaber and soul patch
But where is he now?

Poor poor Lowbacca
Deals with bitch Jaina and
a droid in his bits

Jacen needs to choose
Tenel Ka or Danni Quee?
Neither! Take Vergere!

Jaina "Sticks" Solo
Please get laid or take Midol
you cranky-ass bitch

Jedi Wurth Skidder
Massages test--- tentacles
Dies a happy man

THE Ganner Rhysode
Died slaughtering many Vong
(More than Anakin!)

Jag's Captain Cardboard
Uptight and follows rules but
at least he gets stiff