Welcome to TEH JUBILEE WHELELELL!!111--- If you're looking for incredible Star Wars fanart and long, magnificent fanfictions... THEN YOU'RE IN TEH WRONG PLACE! HOooo HO HOOOOOOOOooooooo!!!111

Okay uhm yeah. If you don't understand mad hax, then just know you have reached the Jubilee Wheel. A site with ghetto Star Wars art and other assorted fun. Yes; we know we can't draw. And we know we can't really write epics, but dammit; we have creativity seeping from our pores...or some crap. So enjoy our random Star Wars junk. XD

02.25.03 - LOOK! This site was finally uploaded after ALMOST A YEAR sitting on the hard drive! OMG! Check everything out~ *cackles*


WARNING: There are spoilers on this site for the NJO, the movies and all that other jazz. And there is evil/dirty/mean things on here, so if you get offended REALLY easily, you should leave now. XD


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