I'm not looking for a friend, I'm looking for a Jedi Master.

Always wanted to show your appreciation for that certain special
jedi? Here's your chance. Just scroll through the process and
watch where you stick that lightsaber. Fool.



1.) If you type like this: I HAFA LITESABEL aNd I WiLl KEeeL
j00se GUYZ EF U GiT iN MaH WAY! PLZ KTHX! ...then you will
NOT be admitted to the jedi council. A little is fine. If it's
for humorous purposes. But if we see whole sites of it then
stay with the peace brigade/empire. (Unless you are J3FF K. >:D)

2.) If someone already has the jedi you want, then you'll
have to find another one. I don't really think Luke Skywalker
wants to be whoring on everyone's page. Mara wouldn't like that.

3.) Your page doesn't have to be about Star Wars.

4.) But you do have to have a webpage.

5.) No pr0n (unless it's Mace Windu pr0n. XD).

6.) Your character is elligible as long as they were a part
of a Jedi Order at some point. Theoretically, you could
have Count Dooku if you really wanted him. ^_^ Basically,
anyone who has the force. Leia isn't a Jedi but you can
still pick her.



If the form doesn't work for you, e-mail the information here.


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Please "do" only once! Thank you! ^___^



<P><a href="http://www.echuta.net/peace" target="new">
Keepers of the Peace</a> . (name of Jedi goes here)

Keepers of the Peace . nameofjedi



Jedi who aren't taken.

Mirax + Corran Horn
Tenel Ka + Jacen Solo
Linh + Ganner Rhysode
Stephanie + Leia Organa Solo
Kim + Mara Jade Skywalker
Kaz + Danni Quee
Sara + Luke Skywalker
Klara + Anakin Skywalker
Edea + Barriss Offee
Jade + Obi-Wan Kenobi
Lynzi + Adi Gallia
Allison L. + Callista Ming
Stephanie + Jaina Solo
Isil + Yoda
djcati + Anakin Solo
Heather + Kyp Durron
Alyssa + Kit Fisto


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