The Holo-Reporters of Chrono     

This is us! We are the ones who bother to keep tabs on all these fools wonderful, awesome beings for YOU! OUR READERS!

Ceev Starelle - Editor-in-Chief
    After trying (and failing) 3 times to train as a Jedi Knight, Ceev Starelle finally gave up on the life of service and excitement (Luke Skywalker personally had to inform him of zero Force-sensitivity - twice). He took over Chrono magazine almost 14 years ago from his family and has now helped it grow into the social phenom it is today. He is now merely editor-in-chief and selectively chooses his assignments while leaving the majority of the stories to his highly trained, highly professional staff.

age: 42
species: Human
homeworld: Adumar
color: yellow-green or ice-blue
band: A Jedi does not enjoy music
holo:A Biography of a Jedi: Luke Skywalker
animal: monkey-lizard
food: Choice-cut Prime nerf steak
drink: Snifter of Whyren's Reserve
hobby: meditating on the Force (especially with Jedi women)


Phasion Medden - Layout, Fashion, Interviews
    Phasion was one of those confused little kids who didn't know where he belonged. After starring in many a few holos as a teenager, his popularity drove him into hiding. He's come out now, and is as rellcattish as ever, snapping at current fashion trends and embarrassing the galaxy's celebrities.
    Currently, Phasion is showing off his own new line of clothing, under the label Phasion Phase. If the show comes to your planet, be there. You might even get an autograph.

age: 31
species: Human
homeworld: Coruscant
color: Red and black. And maybe sometimes purple.
band: The Fasting Banthas
holo:Denizens of Dakaret IX, yeah, I was in it.
animal: Boga
food: Pyollian cake
drink: Bomcalanuirian vodka
hobby: Anything relating to clothing. Making fun of it. Wearing it. Designing it. Taking it off. Putting it on. Whatever. Clothes.


Mekla Meeker - Gossip
    Born and raised on Coruscant, the center of the galaxy, Mekla is used to being surrounded by the best of everything--fashion, food, entertainment, and of course, people. It's just about impossible to keep secrets from her, and she spends most of her time on her comlink, getting all the latest gossip about anyone and everyone.

age: 25
species: Human
homeworld: Coruscant
color: Pink
band: Ooh, I could never pick a favorite! I love boy bands, though!
holo:The Black Bantha. Face Loran was so hot!
animal: Woolamanders. So cute!
food: Salad a la Chale
drink: Caf
hobby: shopping


Dimitri AmbrosDimitri Ambros - News
    The news doesn't sleep, you know? But when I get the chance, I enjoy people watching. And the best place for that is the Coruscant night life. The city flutters with people after hours and there's a whole new energy in the air--a buzzed one where certain government officials talk just a little too much.

age: 22
species: Human
homeworld: Coruscant
color: blue
band: The Tusken Raider Experience
holo:The Force That Binds: Saga of a Jedi
animal: Bantha
food: Ryshcate
drink: Corellian Spiced Ale
hobby: I like being productive and I don't really have a lot of time for hobbies.


Sta'ryeSta'rye - Reviews
    You may have caught him in the traveling company of "Pittens" (he was the male romantic lead) or in the Coruscant City Musical Spectacular (he was dance captain for the Meteorettes). But if you didn't catch him in the televised production of "The Taming of the Rancor", he is now here to offer his fabulous opinions on anything you might have ever heard of. (just don't ask him about the current cast of "Vent". It just hasn't been the same since he left...)

age: 26
species: Human
homeworld: Coruscant
color: electric purple
band: The Spice Mines Of Kessel
holo:Pittens: Live in Theater!
animal: a pitten! They're absolutely adorable, and amazing singers to boot!
food: I'm a vegetarian, so anything with vegetation
drink: an extra large caffechino of course!
hobby: coaching pageant queens and skydiving


Talia TorresTalia Torres - Intern
    Chrono's newest employee and intern! She gets to dabble in every single one of the subjects that the other reporters take part in all while taking lots and lots of notes so they don't have to. The rest of the staff is placing bets on when her cheery demeanor will run out. So far she shows no signs of stopping and that's just what the holozine needs!

age: 17
species: Human
homeworld: Coruscant!
color: I like red!
band: The Nine Corellian Hells
holo: I watch The Javis Tyrr Hour, duh!
animal: Nexus are nice
food: Caf. There's no time to eat!
drink: My IV of cafe!
hobby: I like doing whatever Mr. Starelle tells me to do! I also like doing homework, and doing other peoples' homework! When I have spare time, I update my resume, bake confectionary for everyone on my dorm floor, go biking, run my school newsletter, and run the official Javis Tyrr fanclub!


Flaurice FossFlaurice Foss - The IT Guy
    Did you try turning it off and on again?

age: 33
species: Human
homeworld: Naboo
color: Burnt Umber
band: The Wordographing Disastrophies
holo:The Holonet: Everything You Might Not Have Needed to Know About It (a documentary)
animal: I don't particularly care for animals, am I allowed to put a droid that looks like an animal here?
food: Andromeda Bites
drink: Blue Milk
hobby: Ahhh hobbies! Who needs em! They're for....people....or organisms if you're not a person...or perhaps the animals I'm not very fond of...


Asverix WynterAsverix Wynter - Editor's Right Hand Man, er, Woman
   Asverix was born on Deyer which is also where she spent most of her life. During most of her time, she observed the people surrounding her and wrote down any interesting propaganda. It wasn't until she was twenty eight did she join Chrono magazine. There she could open her ideas to publicity.

age: 28
species: Human
homeworld: Deyer
color: Sky Blue
band: Rebel Revelation
holo:Kashyyyk's Inferno
animal: Crystal Snake
food: Chokie
drink: Fizzade
hobby: Writing and daydreaming


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